Have You Heard of Black Out Poetry?

Blackout Poetry Page

As I move through my art journey, I have learned about several techniques, such as how to make paper, Mono printing (which I will talk about soon) and much more. Today, I want to introduce you to Black Out Poetry. I shared some of my art before.


“Blackout poetry” is poetry made by redacting the words in a text with a permanent marker, leaving behind only a few choice words to make a poem. It is fun and you become very creative. I like making quirky poems from newspaper, magazine stories or books.

I first was introduced to Black Out Poetry from Austin Kleon who lives in Austin. He is, in my opinion, the pioneer and founder of Black Out Poetry. Learn more about him at http://austinkleon.com/category/newspaper-blackout-poems/. I also follow Make Black Out Poetry at http://www.makeblackoutpoetry.com. I find the medium to be fun and interesting because you can play on words to make a whole new story and meaning.

Here is one of my Black Out Poetry. I apologize if I shared before.

Blackout Poetry Page
Blackout Poetry Page


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Be Creative Everyday!


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