If We Were Having A Cup Of Coffee

Coffee CupI would tell you last week was hard for me. My hope is this week will be less tiresome and more productive. I started last week off as I do most Mondays with our Monday Morning meetup at Orange Co-Working. Due to the holiday, it was just me and what other attendant, @Regina Weeks. We had a great conversation about our businesses. We talked about how to reach new business prospects. Great conversation and great tips to improve our general business tactics.

If we were having a cup of coffee, my sister and I are adjusting to a new way my mom will stay with us. It’s a new schedule which will mean she will be with me half a week and my sister the other half. Not sure how long my mother will be able to keep up but if you care for parents, you know it can be difficult but taking care of my mother is a “have to” in my book. So I may grumble but I do it because I love my mother and she has done so much for me.

If we were having a cup of coffee, I would tell you I met with some great friends. Vicki McCullough is a great lady I met at my Wednesday morning networking meeting. I also met with my friend Shelley Kaplar. She makes me laugh and we love talking about our dogs and our journeys as entrepreneurs. Me and Shelley photo(111)

If we were having a cup of coffee, I would tell you that throughout all the laughter, all the meetings, my blue cloud was with me. It tries to bring me down, but I keep pushing.

Well, my coffee break is over. We will catch up next week. Have a great week.

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[New Post] Being A Caregiver

“C” is for Being A Caregiver

Caregiving flowers imagesWhen my father passed away 22 years ago, I promised him I would take care of my mother. My two sisters and I have done just this. Now, it is only one sister and myself and we find ourselves managing our lives as well as taking care of our mom. Don’t get me wrong, we would not have it any other way, but it is our reality.

So now when I look at my schedule it is not just my appointments any longer. My sister and I have to coordinate our schedules so we can get all the task done. Just this morning, while my sister did her errands, I sat with my mom. To be honest, I don’t mind because I get to catch up on all my reality shows that she tapes for me. I know. It’s a bad habit :).

I’m lucky because I have a business that can be done anywhere as long as I have a computer and a phone. So my work is not interrupted too much it’s just the scheduling of two other schedules. But I’m taking it in stride. I recommend that if you have aging parents that you and your siblings talk about plans of how you will take care of your parents. Because just as we needed them, they will need you.

I am growing into my new schedule(s) by taking power naps and managing my time so I am at my best,  I do miss my Starbucks time!

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