Book Club Saturday

This post is about my Saturday with my book club ladies.

Today I had a great time. Once a month I meet with my book club ladies. We are four women who honestly started our book club to read books and talk about them. We started out good but somewhere along the way it became a time we chat and catch up on each other’s life.
We have been meeting since 1997. One original member moved away and we found no one else fit. We all worked together. I left and the three still work for the same company. We enjoy talking about our families and laughing at our personalities and we laugh at how we are growing older together. We have been through the death of a husband and my sister, graduations, birth of grandchildren and other life journeys. We are family.
Today we laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. It is the only connection I have with other women where we accept each other’s faults and all. I am so glad to have their friendship and love. We did talk briefly as we do each month about our book for this month The Girl On The Train. Looovvveed the book!  I recommend it!  
 So book club for me means a lot more than just reading a book it is about just being me and knowing I will hear the truth even if I don’t want to hear it. 
Do you meet with a group of women that mean more than your original purpose? 
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Be Creative Everyday!

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Keeping a Notebook

Maria Gatling

I have slowly but surely come around to loving the art of keeping a notebook. So much so that I have created a 30 day creative notebook and working on publishing it. What you will find in this notebook is a daily kick starter for 30 days to get you in the habit of keeping a notebook. Facilitating this workshop, “My Big Creative Notebook”, led me to doing this.

I’ll share a few pics of some of my pages with you. (before & after)



Last week I had the first run of the notebook printed just in time for my monthly creative meet I hold at my home. These ladies were nice enough to take one and test it out for me. We sat around my table and did a few of the creative tasks together. Next month we’ll get together and share our completed 30 day creative notebooks. I really…

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Been Away For A Minute

Blanton Museum Hallway 100_2805I love the idea of blogging and sharing my life, but as I have done in the past, I have a hard time committing to the task. One reason (trying not to have excuses) I have been away is because I started a new business venture. My main company is not making any money and I had to find a way to move ahead but not go back to a 9-5 job. Yes, I could fall back on my degree and actually use it, but I don’t want too. I worked in my field for 17 years and I’m not getting any younger and I want to live. I’ve sacrificed a lot for my non-making money business and my husband has stood by me. With my new adventure in entrepreneurship, I have a better plan and a better way to have money. Really this is my only reason for being away.

I still read everyone’s blogs but have not had the energy to write my own stuff. I have been writing for my business but it’s not the same as letting myself go and write what I want and feel. So again, I will continue to conquer this blogging idea and make it happen as much as I can. I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer. It is very hot where I live so I stay inside all the time. I only go out when I have too.

Thanks for listening and I will see y’all later.

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Be Creative Everyday!