Blogging 101: Introduction To Damita’s Life

blogging-university-101-badgeI have had my Damita’s Life blog for a while. I have used it to showcase my photos and my personal journey through life. I will be participating in Blogging 101 to work on my blogging skills. I hope you as a follower will enjoy my growth and stories.

Hi everyone my name is Damita. I’m a little behind but I was determine to get this introduction done today.

My blog, Damita’ Life, was started because I wanted a place to show my journey as a new aspiring artist,  things in my life I find interesting and just my overall life. Because I have a business blog, I wanted a place that was fun to share with others.

I have many paper journals that are private so I thought I would share my blog because I like connecting to people with the same interest and who I can learn from. I will most likely continue to share my art and things in my life.

I hope by the end of this I will have a solid blog with content people enjoy and a writing schedule that will become second nature. I would also like my blog to reach more people.

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