My Friday Situation…

My Friday situation is good this week. I had a full week and it was good for my personal goals and my business goals.


I  attended our local Greater Austin Black Chamber luncheon. The topic was The State of Black Business. I was able to re-connect with people and meet some new entrepreneurs. The rest of the week I did work on my business. I’m re-launching so I been working on sponsorships and just day to day operations. It ain’t easy!!!

But my fun was today. I use art as my self-care and this morning, I met a friend and we did our art projects. Believe it or not, my art is getting better. I have said it before, it does not look like three-year-old art :). It is so relaxing to sip on coffee, talk and let my creativity go wild. I am participating in the #WorldWatercolorMonth this month, so I was able to create some pieces for that.

I hope your week has been better. With all the continued tragedies around the country, to relax a bit and take care of myself and my mental space, art always does the job for me. I still pray for our country and people who are affected by the loss of their loved ones.What have you done for your self-care lately?

Have a great weekend see y’all next week.

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Be Creative Every Day!



If We Were Having A Glass Of Wine Right Now…

  I would tell you I started my day out at the radio station doing my Breakfast Club show. It always gets my Friday going because I get to talk with people that call in and my co-host and the producer always bring the laughter. 

  If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you I headed to my sisters. We had a celebration/lets catch up lunch with our friend and Ujima’s Graphic Designer. We meet at least quarterly for lunch or coffee. I was tired but I always enjoy being in the company of friends and family. We had a great time at the Steeping Room. I always order my favorite mango tea and the cucumber sandwich. Yum!

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you we, I mean, they shopped and I got too tired and it was hot. Another reason I could understand the people waiting in line for the latest iPhone but I couldn’t do it!

Well I have had enough wine for tonight. But before I go I want to thank for sharing this unique way to blog about your day. He in turn found Kate Goes Global blog that does it it with coffee. It a great technique to use. It was easy for me.

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See ya soon.

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A Little Bit Of Friday Heaven

Originally written on 12-5-14

IMG_1088I finally made it to Starbucks after working at home most of the week. If you work at home, you can imagine how isolated you can become before you go stir crazy.

I’m so happy to be out, around people chatting, the coffee machine humming as it makes lattes and mocha’s, the door opening and closing… what beautiful sounds.

I’ve been taught heaven will be quiet but I thank God today for my noisy heaven on earth! Me and Shelley photo(111)

I also ran into my good friend @Shelley Kaplar with #vitalityoptimizer. Thanks for the laughs. See ya soon.

Have a wonderful Friday Everyone!

Be Creative Everyday!

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Be Creative Everyday!