Journey To A Better Health

In the last two months, I have started a journey of finding my own space and better health. I am trying new things and learning how to improve my health. When I was younger, I would exercise regularly. I did aerobics, kickboxing, and walking. But as I got older I didn’t pay that much attention to my health. But now I  am heading towards 50 and my body is changing as a women, I thought I better get myself in a little bit of shape.

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In April, I decided I was going to learn new ways to feel healthy and relax. Owning my own business has taken over my whole being. I realized I am not separating my work and my space at all. My two goals I started in April was attending the Rootwork/Afrobeat Meditation +Movement and More class. It was fabulous. We worked on finding our peace through movement and speaking about different topics given to us. I was very relaxed and calm from attending this class. Meditation is new to me and I’m glad I opened myself up to the experience. I am now learning as much as I can about the world of meditation.

Black Girls Run
Before Our Walk

Just this past weekend, I joined the Black Girls Run! group. I had heard about this group before, but I didn’t realize you could also walk. That was right for me. There was story that ran in the Austin American Statesman which gave me the push to join; at least see if it was for me.  I walked 4 miles on Saturday. My bones ached for a day, but they soon felt better. I really enjoyed the group because they gave me encouragement. Even when I wanted to quit, someone would say, “you can do it.” When I barely made it up a steep hill, I was told, “see you did it.” This is what kept me going. I also like I can walk at my pace, but other walkers in the group are never out of eyesight which allows them to meet their goals.


Wheat Grass and Valley Girl Smoothie
Wheat Grass and Valley Girl Smoothie

After the walk, there is a ritual to go have juice at Juiceland (which we walked, I almost passed out!) But once I got my shot of wheat grass and a smoothie, I felt much better. We then shared our 30-60-90 day goals so we can support one one another.  I will meditate each day as my 30 day goal.

I may have found my two paths to better health and “me” time. Thanks again to Naya Jones with Rootwork and all the ladies in Black Girls Run!

What are your health goals for the month?

Click Link to read the Austin American Statesman story about Black Girls Run group.

Damita Miller-Shanklin