What Will Be Your Legacy?


Yesterday, I sat and watched the memorial service for Dr. Maya Angelou. It was very moving and touching hearing people like Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama and Former President Clinton, talk about their memories of Dr. Angelou. But what struck me during this service was the word legacy.

As I listened to all the accolades of Dr. Angelou, I started thinking about my legacy. It will not be as far reaching as some but I want to leave a legacy that people will speak about at my going home ceremony. What will my legacy be? I know what I think but I guess others will speak when I’m looking down on my ceremony from heaven. What I want my legacy to be is a person of kindness. A person who helped others grow and reach their goals. A person who gave back to her community. I want to be remembered for my quietness yet a person who had deep thoughts. I can go on and on, but it sounds and feels very odd.

Dr. Maya Angelou and President Obama Photo Credit: BET.com
Dr. Maya Angelou and President Obama
Photo Credit: BET.com

Dr. Maya Angelou was a women of great substance that she shared with the world through her poetry and wisdom to other women. I hope the substance of my character will be reflected through my work, friendships and community.

Then I headed to a wedding which made me realize life moves on despite everything. But I want my legacy to be remembered for more than a day just as Dr. Angelou’s will be remembered for the rest of time. Thanks Dr. Angelou for your legacy and your gift to our communities and our world.

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