New Goals~New Year!

New-Year-New-Goals-300x300As the year comes to an end, I am starting to think about my goals for 2015. I am thinking mostly about my business goals. Have you started your brainstorming and strategy for how your company will meet goals next year? One thing I learned from my twitter chat (#bizfocus) is I need to concentrate on news goals for the new year, and work to complete my 2014 goals by December 31st. Start fresh in 2015.

I want to share my method of how I will decide what goals I will work on next year. I started the beginning of this month listing ideas as they came to me. I spoke with the Editor and other team members about what would be our focus for this year. After discussion we have agreed on ideas for the start of 2015, we will prioritize them to start our plan.

I have eight items on our list right now. I will continue to list ideas and brainstorm until November 30th. I will then look at the list and decide what is important to move the company ahead next year. I will most likely share our plan after we make some definite decisions. So to wrap up my process I will:

1. Continue brainstorming and listing ideas until November 30th.
2. During the month of December, I will meet with the Editor and team members to work through the list and prioritize which goals will move forward.
3. Take the goals that we prioritize and complete a plan of action for each goal.
4. Spend the next year, working the goals and reviewing each quarter to see what has been completed, what needs to be deleted and make any adjustments to keep us on track.
5. Be flexible. Goals images

I am looking forward to 2015 and moving my company ahead and embracing the future. What is your process for setting your goals either business or personal? I would really like to hear from you and share your process.

Damita Miller-Shanklin


Some October Art

Tape Drawing DSCN1399In October, I learned about painter’s tape art. It was fun and a new way to paint and use canvas. I have decided to graduate to canvas and not just work in notebooks. It is a big step for me but I gonna do it!

Our Creative Mingle group did several Tape Finish DSCN1400painter’s tape pieces and it was a blast. I want to thank Maria Gatling for hosting us last month. The music and the chatting helped to produce beautiful pieces of work.

Finish Mulit Color Tape DSCN1403

Multi color Tape DSCN1401

Be Creative Everyday!


My First Twitter Chat- Hashtag Bizfocus


I participated in my first Twitter Chat this past Sunday evening. I want to thank @callherdonna and @KoKoa Magazine for hosting. I was anxious at first but I got over it quickly because the conversation flowed and all the participants were very open and shared valuable tips on how to manage our goals.. The hashtag was #bizfocus.

This was my take away for what I need to do in order to grow my business, as a business owner.

1. I need to have a back up plan for when my original plan does not work out the way I envisioned. As I mentioned to the group, I always make changes depending on what needs to happen, but I need to make sure it is a concrete plan that I can take into immediate action.

2. I will continue to write my goals down and make a plan to achieve them. And for me, follow through is a issue so I have to find a way to ensure I follow through and achieve the goal. I have to stay focused and make things happen.

3. My biggest take away was I have to celebrate completing my goals. This can be a cup of coffee to buying myself something special. But I have to celebrate my achievements.

4. I will complete as many of my 2014 goals so that I can start fresh in 2015. Most of the participants would be starting with new goals. I plan to do that as well.

5. One great idea that was shared was keep a goal board on Pinterest as well as a physical board. I really like the Pinterest idea. 2 birds tweet_chat

So I have some work to do, but I always do. Having a business requires flexibility, focus and networking. It also helps to have a group of supportive women, like #bizfocus, to move ahead and be successful. I can’t wait until next Sunday.
Damita Miller-Shanklin
Ujima Magazine

Are You Blogging For Your Business?


As a business owner, I’m always looking to improve in three areas productivity,organization and blogging. I am always juggling multiple task and trying to do them all well. But we all know that is not possible. Something usually suffers.

I am working on doing a business blog. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs on business and how to do things better. Most businesses now have a blog attached to their site. You can learn a lot from blogs of interest. I have a new business blog that I’m developing and I want to share some tips I have learned.

Tips For Starting A Blog:
1. Decide on what to write about. I had to decide what my readers would like to know. This has been difficult for me but I think I have narrowed my post to being a solopreneur and things I have done or learned along the way.

2. Interview people with experience about the subjects you are writing. This adds depth to your post and knowledge of subject matter.

3. Use your social media platforms to share your blog post. I am a big Twitter person and I also share on my friends social media site as well. I share with people whom I have had previous interactions with and this has at times formed a sharing partnership that was a benefit for both of us.

4. Use a editorial calendar to make sure you blog consistently. I have started blogs but did not post consistently. When you become inconsistant with your postings, you are unable to form a following. We all want an audience.

I think..bloggingAs I mentioned before I want to improve in the blogging area and I spend time researching and finding tools to help me. I have recently found a good resource that not only gives you the information but they give you the tools for free. You can’t beat that!

I have fell in love with the CoSchedule blog and website. They provide “Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Writers, Bloggers, and Marketers.” I wanted to share this article with you from their blog that I found full of good information written by Julie Neidlinger.

Get High Traffic Blog Even When Blogging Solo

Do you have a business blog?

How do you manage it? Share with me your thoughts about having a business blog.

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Posted By Damita Miller-Shanklin

Free Webinar/Get-OnPoint Communications and Training


Join us for this free training that will help you build your confidence, increase your credibility and gain favor with the media so that your stories get covered.

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Admit it. You’ve thought about it and may even have tried it. However, your attempts to interest the media in your business seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

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East Austin Studio Tour~Are You Ready?



Art Night EAST is the official preview kick-off to the East Austin Studio Tour. Celebrate this unique Austin event with a multi-venue cultural experience. Visit four art spaces, meet gallery directors and artists, and learn about East Austin art. Each site will be paired with fine tastings, drinks, and sounds. A bus service is provided to take you through the city and deliver you to each site.

“Our goal is to highlight some of the most interesting spaces on the EAST Austin Studio Tour each year and encourage collectors and art lovers to join us for a highly curated – and fun – evening,” said Asa Hursh, Executive Director, Austin Art Alliance. “This year, we want to increase our participant’s education and engagement in the art. We want everyone to walk away from Art Night EAST having learned about those who greatly contribute to Austin’s art scene, and get to…

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