Happy New Year Everyone!


Hi Everyone, I know I have been gone from my blog for quite a while. Life happened and I just couldn’t get things back on track to blog. I’m hoping this year I can write more and be more expressive about the things I’m struggling with, trying to change and get better at doing.

My phrase for this year is “Be Creative, Ever Evolving and Visible.” I hid last year because I just couldn’t get my feet steady. I was working and changing my magazine to a newspaper, taking care of my mother and trying to be a good wife. Whew. I decided to just pull away and stay close to home and do what I do. But I know I need get out and be a part of the world and live a bit.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2018 will be your best year.

Talk again soon!




Creating My Vision

  I had a wonderful day today. I attended a Design Your Dream workshop. Meshell R Baker has lead many people to finding their dream through creating a vision board. This was my first time doing a vision board that reflected my business.

The process to creating my board made me think about my mission statement and what I want people to feel when they walk away from me. It was very eye-opening and doing the activities with a group was the best way to be creative. 

I may add to my board as I develop my goals for my business but having a visual reference is really great. Thanks to Meshell and I really enjoyed today!

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Be Creative Everyday!


New Goals~New Year!

New-Year-New-Goals-300x300As the year comes to an end, I am starting to think about my goals for 2015. I am thinking mostly about my business goals. Have you started your brainstorming and strategy for how your company will meet goals next year? One thing I learned from my twitter chat (#bizfocus) is I need to concentrate on news goals for the new year, and work to complete my 2014 goals by December 31st. Start fresh in 2015.

I want to share my method of how I will decide what goals I will work on next year. I started the beginning of this month listing ideas as they came to me. I spoke with the Editor and other team members about what would be our focus for this year. After discussion we have agreed on ideas for the start of 2015, we will prioritize them to start our plan.

I have eight items on our list right now. I will continue to list ideas and brainstorm until November 30th. I will then look at the list and decide what is important to move the company ahead next year. I will most likely share our plan after we make some definite decisions. So to wrap up my process I will:

1. Continue brainstorming and listing ideas until November 30th.
2. During the month of December, I will meet with the Editor and team members to work through the list and prioritize which goals will move forward.
3. Take the goals that we prioritize and complete a plan of action for each goal.
4. Spend the next year, working the goals and reviewing each quarter to see what has been completed, what needs to be deleted and make any adjustments to keep us on track.
5. Be flexible. Goals images

I am looking forward to 2015 and moving my company ahead and embracing the future. What is your process for setting your goals either business or personal? I would really like to hear from you and share your process.

Damita Miller-Shanklin