Building Your Business Through Networking


Networking is a very important part of building your brand and your business. I spoke with Monica Pena of Mundu Media about how she has build her business through networking.

Monica Pena 0aff482Tell me about Mundu Media?

At MUNDU Media, LLC , we balance our experience, creativity, strategy, and analysis to produce positive growth. Services include marketing consulting, strategizing, training, and managing social media needs.

What services do you provide?

MUNDU Media offers a series of workshops on growing your online presence successfully on platforms like LinkedIn, Meetup, and Twitter: plus creating the correct content for your brand.  W.A.N.T (stands for Working on Accountability with Non-negotiable Time ) has also been implemented into the MUNDU Media curriculum.  W.A.N.T. is more than just an accountability group, it is a time that attendees do their work and are able to ask technology questions. Often professionals attend workshops on using such platforms and do not implement them. This program helps turn intent…

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Community Reading Academy


Great news for the summer.  In the month of June there will be a Community Reading Academy-Summer Reading Program, at St.James Baptist Church.  Please see the attachment below  for information regarding this free program.  Space is limited so get your child enrolled as soon as possible.

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Posted by Mary Linnen

Embrace Your Community

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Publisher’s Note


Photo: Photo:

May has arrived. UJIMA was very busy during the month of April, and the month of May promises to be the same. We are so enjoying getting out into the community reminding everyone Ujima is still sharing information and highlighting everyday heroes in our community.

This month we will look at some fashion trends for summer, ideas for summer camps and introduce a concierge service you may find very helpful and handy to call. We all know it will be getting hot and you may not want to cook over a stove, we have some ideas for salads that will cool you off  and taste great!

We also would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers.

I hope you have a great month and Ujima is looking forward to seeing you around town.

Embrace Your Community


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Your Help Needed!

Lisa W. Tetting


Hi Guys,

This marketing thing is a strange undertaking for me. At the wonderful suggestion of Colleen from Silver Threading I started a campaign with an organization called Thunderclap.

Simply put, Thunderclap is an organization similar to crowd funding, except there is no money involved for the basic package.

Supporters need to:meme12

  • Click a button to support my campaign.
  • Choose a Social Media Forum to help spread the word
  • Share news about my campaign on your social media

That’s it! No fuss, no money exchanged, simple and easy.

The point of it all:meme 7

  • If I secure 100 people to share my campaign
  • Thunderclap will share my book throughout their members and reach thousands of people I could never reach
  • Hopefully these members will purchase my book or tell a friend who will

What I need:meme17

  • CLICK HERE and support my campaign! It takes less than a minute and can…

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