[Fashion] Korto Momolu~ Fashion Designer. Family. Mom.


I love Austin Fashion Week. When you look at all the beautiful fashions it just makes you feel good. I’m always amazed at the details and the creativity the designers are able to showcase in their fashions. I have been a fan of Korto Momolu since she first appeared on Season 5 of Project Runaway. I had the opportunity to speak with her about her fashion evolution and her future.

Korto Momolu and Son Korto Momolu and Son

Ujima: Can you describe the feeling of watching your designs go down the runway?

Korto: Honestly, that it’s done and relief. Now on to the next.

Ujima: How or what inspires your designs?

Korto: My mood. I feel like my my mood is indirectly involved. When I look back at the time I created something and what was going on in my life I say I don’t know why I created that but then I…

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I Love The Zoo!

“Z” is for the Zoo

  Photo: Groupon.com

First I want to say I will miss this challenge because I have opened more than I ever have with my writing. To be honest, I’m still dreading my vices post but I’m trying not to think about it😊 Anyway I’m glad I completed this challenge because I have failed at many others never completing the task. This was a great experience for me.

Now for my last post of the A to Z Challenge. I love the zoo and this weekend my photo walk group will be visiting our local Austin Zoo. I’m so excited. I love animals and I love to see them close up. This zoo will allow for the animals to be really close and interactive from what I understand so I’m hoping for some great photos. If you follow me I will be sharing them. 

I have visited the San Antonio Zoo since I was in kindergarten. My husband has visited many times since spending the day walking and being in awe of the beautiful animals. I can’t wait for this weekend to enjoy my group, the animals and I will get some exercise. Yay!

What is your favorite zoo? 

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Years Are Passing Quickly

“Y” is for Years

  When I turned 50 last year I began to realize life and time was passing faster and I needed to enjoy every moment. When I loss my sister this January I really felt like I was not moving fast enough to ensure I lived my life to the fullest.

Three years of my sisters life was confined to a bed. Life passed her by to where I think she just didn’t worry about life and what was outside her room. I have a hard time with that because my hope is she had moments of joy and laughter even when she couldn’t go outside for fresh air. I really miss her but she leaves me with thoughts of my future.

Years accumulate so fast that when you see children growing up before your eyes, your mom becoming fragile I think where did the time go? It’s sad and there is nothing I can do about it.

So I say again, live your life with joy and happiness and take the big and the small moments with such care because when your time comes to a end those memories will mean so much and capture your life.

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The X-Ray Of Your Life

“X” is for X-Ray

  Photo: dreamstime.com

When you break a bone, a foot or something is causing you pain that can’t be seen by the naked eye, your doctor will send you for an x-ray.

When you lay down on the gurney and you lay real still while a photo is taken that captures the area that hurts, the doctor is able to look deep inside your body and make a diagnosis to help you heal.

The same can be done when looking at your life and where you are headed. Sometimes we need to stop and look deep inside ourselves to reflect on what is hurting us, what is keeping us from moving ahead in life, what makes us happy, and so much more. From our x-ray we can then heal ourselves by following a prescription that will lead us to a healthier person.

An x-ray tells the truth so we have to be truthful with ourselves. For example I know my fears keep me from making decisions that can move me forward in business. Now I have to prescribe a remedy that will move me forward so I can reach certain goals.

What will your x-ray say about your life? Will you prescribe a plan to help you heal and find your happiness?

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[New Post] Walking

“W” is for Walking

  Photo: infinityhousemagazine.com

I have not paid attention to my weight in a long time. When I was younger I did plenty of exercise, diets and tried to be skinny. But as I got older I just decided to be okay with my weight and do small things to stay fit.

Walking works for me. I joined a walking group but have not attended for a while. I plan to return. However, I realized I enjoy walking even more when I pair with another activity I enjoy as well. Now I understand sometimes I will just need to walk and I have friends who will walk with me. But when I did the photo walk the other weekend I felt good afterwards and I didn’t even think about the walking.

I will continue walking because the weather is changing and getting out to walk will be nice and help with my health.

What do you do to stay healthy? 

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[New Post] What Are Your Vices?

“V” is for Vices

rum-cokeAccording to the dictionary a vice or vices are an  immoral or wicked behavior. We all have them but I have never stopped to account for mine. What about you? So I decided to list my vices that I have right now. I thought I would have at least five but I could only think of one. Yeah , I know what you thinking, you have more than that sister…. Well I can’t think of it right now because I’m enjoying my current vice rum and coke. Don’t judge me!!!

1. Rum and Coke- After a long day, I like to have an adult beverage that consist of rum and coke over ice. It helps bring my day to an end. Of course, I know it is not the best thing but oh well; it works for me. 🙂

What is one of your vices?

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