Dogs Have Personalities- Yes They Do!!

Life and Times of Tanner and Mia!

Yesterday my doggie babies went to get their summer shave. I do understand that as their pet mama I went to long in getting their hair shaved but the weather stayed cold for longer than usually. But Tanner and Mia could give a care they were just mad that they left home with hair and returned fairly bald.

We have a routine that we cuddle while I work at home. Yesterday for a couple of hours they did not to get near me not to mention snuggle. When I reached out to Tanner and asked “are you mad at mama?” , he blinked his beautiful eyes and literally turned his back to me and walked away. Mia was a bit more understanding. She at least looked me in the eye and just kept looking at like “really mama, you gotta be kidding me.”

I tried to explain it was time that the hair had to come off but they weren’t having it. After several trips outside and extra treats they came around and finally snuggled up. But if truth be told I believe they were just cold!