If We Were Having A Glass Of Wine Right Now…

  I would tell you I started my day out at the radio station doing my Breakfast Club show. It always gets my Friday going because I get to talk with people that call in and my co-host and the producer always bring the laughter. 

  If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you I headed to my sisters. We had a celebration/lets catch up lunch with our friend and Ujima’s Graphic Designer. We meet at least quarterly for lunch or coffee. I was tired but I always enjoy being in the company of friends and family. We had a great time at the Steeping Room. I always order my favorite mango tea and the cucumber sandwich. Yum!

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you we, I mean, they shopped and I got too tired and it was hot. Another reason I could understand the people waiting in line for the latest iPhone but I couldn’t do it!

Well I have had enough wine for tonight. But before I go I want to thank smileyyearwood.com for sharing this unique way to blog about your day. He in turn found Kate Goes Global blog that does it it with coffee. It a great technique to use. It was easy for me.

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See ya soon.

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Creating My Vision

  I had a wonderful day today. I attended a Design Your Dream workshop. Meshell R Baker has lead many people to finding their dream through creating a vision board. This was my first time doing a vision board that reflected my business.

The process to creating my board made me think about my mission statement and what I want people to feel when they walk away from me. It was very eye-opening and doing the activities with a group was the best way to be creative. 

I may add to my board as I develop my goals for my business but having a visual reference is really great. Thanks to Meshell and I really enjoyed today!

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Be Creative Everyday!


Photos We Loved: Connected

The Daily Post

There were nearly 800 entries in our recent “Connected” Photo Challenge, and I was constantly blown away by their technical brilliance and original take on the topic. Here are some of my favorites.

The photo I chose to introduce the topic was one of a suspended bridge, and many of you focused on similar physical objects that connect one space to another. For instance, I loved this shot of three bridges crossing Singapore’s Marina Bay, by Debbie Smyth at Travel with Intent — especially how the curved and straight lines seem to engage in a playful dance:


Mitch Zeissler shared a very different take on the theme of bridges, with a moody, black-and-white shot of a fallen tree over a river:

tree bridge

Still on the same topic (I confess being a bridge geek, in case that wasn’t obvious by now), Jane Lurie took a stunning shot of one of the most…

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Artist Jane Cobb

I love art and I like looking at other artist work. Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Art reception for Jane Cobb. She is a member of my Urban Sketchers group. 
  It was a nice reception showcasing her beautiful work. Jane featured her “colorful collage houses and more.” I enjoy the bright, vibrant colors she uses. She also does cute cards featuring pink pigs. They are so cute! 

  To learn more about Jane Cobb please visit her on Instagram @janecobb123. You will find her sketches on this pages. Thanks Jane for the invite. Janice Friesen (another Urban Sketcher member) and I enjoyed your work. 


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