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I have wanted to share my entrepreneurial days and moments with you for quite a while. But felt I would be sharing too much of who I am. But as I connect with people on social media, and networking meetings, I find a few of my connections share openly how they struggle to live their dream and make it come true. I realized I’m not alone. Today, after reading a friends’ post, I realize I need to share because I learn from others and someone may take something from my struggles and openness that will uplift them.

I was at a crossroad a weeks ago. As an entrepreneur, being conscious of money is always at the forefront. Making money is the bottom line of building a business. When I think about my business I think I’m successful but then I ask myself did I make any money today? The answer is most often no. With my ad sales falling I have tried to compensate with other ideas that can generate money for the business. I sacrifice many things to make my business work and I will continue to stay alive and push forward. This made me think how will I move forward?

I have used several techniques and I’m still working out my plan.

  1. Find a mentor. I used a mentor through an organization called SCORE. If you live in the Austin area they are a great resource.
  2. Brainstorm with your team and make no more than 3 goals that you can move on immediately.
  3. Make a plan and work each day towards meeting that goal.

For more tips I recommend this article I found when I was looking for answers.

Success Failure images3-Ways To Set Business Goals You Can Actually Achieve

I told someone today that owning your own business can be a bumpy road. However, when you have a dream the bumps are small set backs, but you will roll over them and continue to reach your success.

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My September Art Experience

I had fun last month participating in my year of art journaling. I asked my friend and artist Maria Gatling to hang out with me and enjoy art around Austin. She became my art partner in crime.  We decided to participate in the free museum day at the Blanton Museum. I had never been so I took in everything. Maria and I took photos but ran out of time to sketch.

I then enjoyed learning to make cards that I can send to people the old fashion way…snail mail. They are personal and you can share things with the person that only you have shared with them. Cards are fun and I plan to make more.
The other photos are from my journal where on most evenings I sketch, zentangle, work on lettering and my favorite is flowers. My sketchbook is full. I love it.

I hope you enjoy my photos and let me know what type of art expression you are doing. I would love to hear from you.
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“Be Creative Everyday”


Fashion Fusion Showcase Style, Music, Art to Benefit Susan G. Komen Austin


Fashion Fusion showcases style, music, art to benefit Susan G. Komen Austin
Two-day event recognizes breast cancer survivors for fourth year
17th toombasflyerfrontlowToombas Jeans and Denim Wear will team up with delirium Entertainment to host two nights of sophisticated fashion and entertainment at the fourth  installment of  Fashion Fusion: The Hollywood Edition, on Oct. 17-18 at the Charles Johnson House in Austin, TX from 6 to 10 p.m. Fashion Fusion, a special celebration in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, includes a runway show, live music and spoken word performances by local talent, and an art display in a fun-filled, high-energy yet informative environment. A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit the Austin affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® (Komen Austin Affiliate).
The program will have a runway tribute featuring models who are breast cancer survivors and women currently battling the disease. Ten breast cancer…

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Big Creative Journal with Maria Gatling


Maria Gatling Maria Gatling

This Creative Encounter is all about having fun with your journal. Starting with a 9×12 blank hardcover sketchbook, you will customize your journal; create pages that inspire you using words, doodles, images, and color; learn to develop your ideas; and use this journal for all your creative expressions. You’ll leave this workshop inspired to continue the habit of coming to your Big Creative Journal every day! Large blank hardcover sketchbook and art supplies provided, but feel free to bring any of your own supplies, your imagination, your words, old magazines or anything that might spark your creative energy.

Maria Gatling is a wife, mother and artist. These three roles have taken her on a journey that has unfolded into a passionate style of working that stimulates creativity and sparks spontaneous inspiration. As an artist and author, her work is a simple invitation to help you re-discover your passions…

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My Big Creative Notebook with Maria Gatling at Marmalade Skies Austin Arts & Crafts Studio


Maria Gatling Maria Gatling

Your Big Creative Notebook

October 16th from 12pm-2pm

We are excited to host author/artist Maria Gatling and her fabulous hands-on workshop to anyone interested in developing their own creative skills. To “be inspired,” you have to “get inspired” … and to get inspired, you have to make it a point to do something that will lead you in that direction.  Your Big Creative Notebook is your home for a mix of your creative expressions.

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Have fun with your journal, expressing yourself with a variety of mediums.
  • Create your journal pages with things that inspire you using words, doodles, images, and color.
  • Learn to find ideas and inspiration all around you.
  • Learn to develop your ideas.
  • Learn to discover your own self – who you are, what your dreams are, what excites you, what you are grateful for and more.

For detail information and registration…

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Discbound Sketchbooks

Calvin Was Right

I am intrigued with the idea of using a Levenger Circa or Staples Arc notebook as a sketchbook or art journal. Levenger used to carry a Junior-sized sketchbook (Circa with art quality paper) years ago, but it must not have done well because it hasn’t been back since. I’m pondering what type of paper to cut down and punch for it, and turned to the Interwebs for inspiration. I didn’t find a ton, but what I found was very inspiring! Turns out, I’m not alone in pondering using Circas for art.

Celtic Lass started this forum thread talking about Circa sketchbooks.

Glenn Vilppu’s Sketchbook Portfolio page talks about Circa resells discbound notebook packages and describes his supplies. Check out his website here. And his really unique trifold circa system here.

Red Harp Arts discusses their Staples Arc sketchbook used when doing urban sketching on their blog here

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