My First Twitter Chat- Hashtag Bizfocus


I participated in my first Twitter Chat this past Sunday evening. I want to thank @callherdonna and @KoKoa Magazine for hosting. I was anxious at first but I got over it quickly because the conversation flowed and all the participants were very open and shared valuable tips on how to manage our goals.. The hashtag was #bizfocus.

This was my take away for what I need to do in order to grow my business, as a business owner.

1. I need to have a back up plan for when my original plan does not work out the way I envisioned. As I mentioned to the group, I always make changes depending on what needs to happen, but I need to make sure it is a concrete plan that I can take into immediate action.

2. I will continue to write my goals down and make a plan to achieve them. And for me, follow through is a issue so I have to find a way to ensure I follow through and achieve the goal. I have to stay focused and make things happen.

3. My biggest take away was I have to celebrate completing my goals. This can be a cup of coffee to buying myself something special. But I have to celebrate my achievements.

4. I will complete as many of my 2014 goals so that I can start fresh in 2015. Most of the participants would be starting with new goals. I plan to do that as well.

5. One great idea that was shared was keep a goal board on Pinterest as well as a physical board. I really like the Pinterest idea. 2 birds tweet_chat

So I have some work to do, but I always do. Having a business requires flexibility, focus and networking. It also helps to have a group of supportive women, like #bizfocus, to move ahead and be successful. I can’t wait until next Sunday.
Damita Miller-Shanklin
Ujima Magazine


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