Change and Decision Making

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I have wanted to share my entrepreneurial days and moments with you for quite a while. But felt I would be sharing too much of who I am. But as I connect with people on social media, and networking meetings, I find a few of my connections share openly how they struggle to live their dream and make it come true. I realized I’m not alone. Today, after reading a friends’ post, I realize I need to share because I learn from others and someone may take something from my struggles and openness that will uplift them.

I was at a crossroad a weeks ago. As an entrepreneur, being conscious of money is always at the forefront. Making money is the bottom line of building a business. When I think about my business I think I’m successful but then I ask myself did I make any money today? The answer is most often no. With my ad sales falling I have tried to compensate with other ideas that can generate money for the business. I sacrifice many things to make my business work and I will continue to stay alive and push forward. This made me think how will I move forward?

I have used several techniques and I’m still working out my plan.

  1. Find a mentor. I used a mentor through an organization called SCORE. If you live in the Austin area they are a great resource.
  2. Brainstorm with your team and make no more than 3 goals that you can move on immediately.
  3. Make a plan and work each day towards meeting that goal.

For more tips I recommend this article I found when I was looking for answers.

Success Failure images3-Ways To Set Business Goals You Can Actually Achieve

I told someone today that owning your own business can be a bumpy road. However, when you have a dream the bumps are small set backs, but you will roll over them and continue to reach your success.

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