My September Art Experience

I had fun last month participating in my year of art journaling. I asked my friend and artist Maria Gatling to hang out with me and enjoy art around Austin. She became my art partner in crime.  We decided to participate in the free museum day at the Blanton Museum. I had never been so I took in everything. Maria and I took photos but ran out of time to sketch.

I then enjoyed learning to make cards that I can send to people the old fashion way…snail mail. They are personal and you can share things with the person that only you have shared with them. Cards are fun and I plan to make more.
The other photos are from my journal where on most evenings I sketch, zentangle, work on lettering and my favorite is flowers. My sketchbook is full. I love it.

I hope you enjoy my photos and let me know what type of art expression you are doing. I would love to hear from you.
#septemberart #yearofart #mariagatling #blantonmuseum #becreativeeveryday #bi2c

“Be Creative Everyday”



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