Building Your Business Through Networking


Networking is a very important part of building your brand and your business. I spoke with Monica Pena of Mundu Media about how she has build her business through networking.

Monica Pena 0aff482Tell me about Mundu Media?

At MUNDU Media, LLC , we balance our experience, creativity, strategy, and analysis to produce positive growth. Services include marketing consulting, strategizing, training, and managing social media needs.

What services do you provide?

MUNDU Media offers a series of workshops on growing your online presence successfully on platforms like LinkedIn, Meetup, and Twitter: plus creating the correct content for your brand.  W.A.N.T (stands for Working on Accountability with Non-negotiable Time ) has also been implemented into the MUNDU Media curriculum.  W.A.N.T. is more than just an accountability group, it is a time that attendees do their work and are able to ask technology questions. Often professionals attend workshops on using such platforms and do not implement them. This program helps turn intent…

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