Leaving The Isolation At Home

Photo Credit: faredzedulot.blogspot. com
Photo Credit: faredzedulot.blogspot.

When I started my business six years ago, I worked three days a week at a coffee shop. It was the perfect setting for me to have coffee and muffins and interact with people. I loved it. I didn’t’ even mind driving across town because it was such a great place. When the owner had to shut the shop down, I was really sad. I then got the opportunity to lease some office space. I stayed in the office space for two years. I gave it up because I was going back to coffee shops to meet with people and I stopped going daily to the office. That was a waste of money.

I have since been working in my home office. It’s nice. My desk sits in front of a big window that I can look out onto the street. But after sitting in there day in and day out I go a bit stir crazy. I love my dogs but they don’t talk to me. 🙂 The isolation interferes with my focus and my ability to get my work done. I have started looking for ways to be around people and get back to working at a coffee shop.

I have known about Co-working for a while. At the time, I looked into it, the ones available in my area had a cost, which I was not willing to pay. But I have recently come across a co-working meet-up in my area I have joined. I haven’t attended yet, but I plan to in the coming weeks. I will tell you about my experience but it is at a coffee shop and I get to meet new business owners.

Just in case you are asking what are the benefits of being a part of a Co-working program or meet up? I found a great article that will give you some insight. I hope it helps and let me know your experience with co-working and if you found it to be helpful. I know it will help me not feel so isolated and alone.

Link: 5 Benefits To Coworking by Laura Neiser

Austin Co-Working Meet-up: http://www.meetup.com/South-Austin-Coworking/events/218910389/

Video: CBS News Coworking Space Trend

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Damita Miller-Shanklin