[New Post] What is Your Writing Process?

Desk Photo imageedit_2_5698290679I have been thinking about my writing process the last couple of days.  I write a lot for my online magazine and now my blog, which I love both. In looking at my process, I started wondering how do you write? Do you write on paper first then transfer the story to your computer or do you write you write strictly on your computer?

I currently write directly on my computer.  So, help me out, what is your writing process? Thanks.

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[New Post] A Dog’s Love: There Is Nothing Like It

Tanner and Me photo(112)If you follow me on social media you know I love dogs. Growing up I could not have a pet due to my allergies. But as an adult, I decided to put up with the sniffles and runny nose and get myself a dog. One dog lead to three.

Right now I have a beautiful black Chow named Solomon, two Maltese Poodles named Tanner and Mia. Tanner is in the photo. If you are a pet parent, you understand the love of a dog(s). They love unconditionally. They make your heart feel good and they don’t talk back.

This month we celebrate love and I could not let the month go by without acknowledging how important my dogs are in my life. My three dogs make me happy and when I feel bad they do something and I start smiling. The photo of Tanner and I is from the other day when I was missing my sister. Tanner just laid next to me and when I cuddled with him he just relaxed as to say “go ahead mama, you can lay on me.”

There is nothing like it…

For all the pet parents, happy love day!

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[New Post] Motivation Mondays: Love

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Love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day this weekend, there is a lot of images of love in media. You can’t go anywhere without being reminded you need to get your loved one a present. I love my husband of course but we don’t make a big deal. Our favorite thing to do is have a good meal with a great bottle of wine and just spend time together. Our schedules have been hectic so a bit of quiet time together is due.

Love is a broad term for me. I love a lot of things as we all do. So when I saw the motivational word was love I had to think about what I should focus on. I decided to focus on family love. My family and I recently lost a loved one. This loss devastated us and we all feel numb. Each day we console one another, with memories that make us smile and laugh. Our family has turned inward to love one another even more. We say the words “I love you” especially when we leave each others company or hang up the phone. I feel I have to tell them I love them so they will know.

So love is more focused for me as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend time with our husbands, significant others and friends. My family loves me and I love them and I hope you tell someone you love them while they are here with you. It will make such a difference when they are gone. Family quote index

Happy Love Day Everyone!

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[New Post] A Simple Pastime Almost Forgotten

snail-mailI don’t know about you, but I do most of my correspondence via the computer and my phone. I’m even writing this post on my phone.  I have conversations with people through email, text and social media. There are very few times I actually sit down and handwrite a story, a note, a letter or give the person a call.

But thank God for my one friend that does not use a computer or social media. She prefers to hand write. We correspond this way several times through out the year. I have to say, I do get excited to get a card from her where we catch up. It always take me too long to respond because I have to  purchase a card, write, get a stamp  and then drive to the mailbox.

People snicker when you mention  mailing something using “snail mail” myself included. But my friend keeps me in touch with how things used to be done when life was slower and people took time to do things special like write a note.

Well I got to write my friend. I brought her this cute card. I’m  gonna work on writing more instead of just jumping to email or text. Vanessa Card photo 1(17)

Writing and snail mail is an awesome pastime.

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[New Post] One Word Challenge: Grief

grieving-e1338346383681I am new to this challenge and when I saw it, I thought oh, I can do this, it will be easy. Well, I have spent the past 15 minutes trying to find the word that reflects what is going with me right now. I knew what word that was in my heart, but I did not want to use it. After over thinking about what others may think, I decided not to run from it.

My word is “Grief”. I don’t want to make this post a sad one, but I am sad. I just lost my sister. I am a person that likes to journal, but I could not write about it until now. We buried her last Saturday and I realized I needed to get my feelings out my head and heart space. So this month, I plan to work through my grief and allow myself to feel the pain and cry until I can’t do it any longer. If you have lost anyone in your life, you know that you can be fine one moment and the next you are crying so hard you can’t catch your breath. I will remember my sister with happy thoughts and allow those memories to make me smile.

This has been very good for me today, because I have struggled with this heavy feeling of grief and sadness. My life has been forever changed but I will keep my sister in my heart. She would not want me to stop living and enjoying my life. Grief quote images

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[New Post] Decisions, Decisions…

Decision-Making-Strategies-590x400-560x379I did not get to choose events during blogging 101, so I made sure I did for this session. I wanted to share the three I decided I could do based on my time available each day. They are as follows:

Motivation Mondays- I chose this because Mondays are usually when I’m organizing my week and often I need motivation to get me started.

One Word Challenge on Thursdays- I think it will be fun and make me write something new.

Friday Doodle- I love art. I have spent this last year doing art. I have joined several art groups and I want to be a artist of a certain caliber at some point. So doodling will definitely meet my art goals and my blogging goals. 🙂

Looking forward to getting started on Thursday.

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[New Post] Setting Goals

Goals imagesSetting goals has always been the easy part for me. Following through has been my downfall. With a business that requires me to write and meet deadlines, I still struggle. This is why I’m glad to be a part of this blogging experience.

My goals for my blog is to grow my followers and have 5 people comment or like my post. I write but I usually do not get comments or likes. I will continue to use my editorial calendar to create content and be consistent because that is also an issue. Looking forward to chatting and learning from all of you.
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