My Friday Situation…

My Friday situation is good this week. I had a full week and it was good for my personal goals and my business goals.


I  attended our local Greater Austin Black Chamber luncheon. The topic was The State of Black Business. I was able to re-connect with people and meet some new entrepreneurs. The rest of the week I did work on my business. I’m re-launching so I been working on sponsorships and just day to day operations. It ain’t easy!!!

But my fun was today. I use art as my self-care and this morning, I met a friend and we did our art projects. Believe it or not, my art is getting better. I have said it before, it does not look like three-year-old art :). It is so relaxing to sip on coffee, talk and let my creativity go wild. I am participating in the #WorldWatercolorMonth this month, so I was able to create some pieces for that.

I hope your week has been better. With all the continued tragedies around the country, to relax a bit and take care of myself and my mental space, art always does the job for me. I still pray for our country and people who are affected by the loss of their loved ones.What have you done for your self-care lately?

Have a great weekend see y’all next week.

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Be Creative Every Day!



Artist Jane Cobb

I love art and I like looking at other artist work. Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Art reception for Jane Cobb. She is a member of my Urban Sketchers group. 
  It was a nice reception showcasing her beautiful work. Jane featured her “colorful collage houses and more.” I enjoy the bright, vibrant colors she uses. She also does cute cards featuring pink pigs. They are so cute! 

  To learn more about Jane Cobb please visit her on Instagram @janecobb123. You will find her sketches on this pages. Thanks Jane for the invite. Janice Friesen (another Urban Sketcher member) and I enjoyed your work. 


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[New Post] The Love Of Tattoo’s

“T” is for Tattoo’s


I have always been a big fan of Tattoo’s. I admire the artistry and the visual beauty. I prefer the colorful ones because you can see them more. I also like them because of the stories that usually come with a person have one.

I admit my name is Damita and I want a tattoo! But the problem is I’m scared because I don’t like pain. I want a bright color sunflower placed on my left arm above my elbow. I can see it clearly. I’m getting older and worry it may not be a good look because I’ve waited to long.


I will keep it on my ‘want’ list but if I don’t get it done by my next birthday I will probably just admire everyone else’s.

Do you think there is an age limit to getting a tattoo? Is there something you want but fear keeps you from doing it?

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Be Creative Everyday!

T IMG_0491


Some October Art

Tape Drawing DSCN1399In October, I learned about painter’s tape art. It was fun and a new way to paint and use canvas. I have decided to graduate to canvas and not just work in notebooks. It is a big step for me but I gonna do it!

Our Creative Mingle group did several Tape Finish DSCN1400painter’s tape pieces and it was a blast. I want to thank Maria Gatling for hosting us last month. The music and the chatting helped to produce beautiful pieces of work.

Finish Mulit Color Tape DSCN1403

Multi color Tape DSCN1401

Be Creative Everyday!


Zentangle~ One Stroke At A Time

20140602-213311-77591844.jpg@Blog2014 -When I decided to make 2014 my year of art, it started because I found out about Zentangle through Instagram. I saw a post and followed the link and I was hooked from there. Zentangle is beautiful art pieces that you don’t have to think about it just happens as you make a stroke on your piece of paper.

If you want to find out more about Zentange, I recommend the the following website This website will give you the history and how to begin drawing your Zentangle Art. I will say it is very relaxing, and I can do it for hours. It allows my mind to be free.

Here are a few of my Zentangle pieces. Please follow me on instagram because I post a lot of my art there. My instragram name is Ujimamagazine1.

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I would like to know if you tried Zentangle and how you enjoyed it.


Art Attack!

Art has taken over my life. When I decided to try art, I did not have any clue that I would want to do it all the time.. That can’t be, I have work to do. I find all my thoughts go straight to art and I want to sketch and paint most of the day. This has to change. But I thought I would share with you my art class this past Saturday at Jerry’s Artarama.

I have taken this class/demo before. What I like about the class is each time I come home with three new pieces of art. It is so fun and I feel very accomplished. I will share with you my latest pieces. I do need to work on the abstract a bit more and I will post when I have complete it.

If you enjoy art, what type of art do you prefer? Let me know.



Damita Miller-Shanklin, New Artist