I Want My Old Life Back!

Balance_DuckBrigade1This summer has been a difficult one for me. I sit now working my second entrepreneurial business and I realize I would rather have my old business life back. My passion is writing and having my online magazine. It’s my baby it is what I get up for everyday. It is the reason I have created a second business to continue with my magazine. But I don’t write stories like I want too because I’m tired at the end of the day. Plus it’s hard for me to switch hats.

I created a schedule where I would work for others during the day and do my passion work at night and weekends. It has been a struggle but I do it. I just think about the days when all I had to do was meet people, interview, network and post to my website. Don’t get me wrong I was tired, but I didn’t feel like I was working because it is what I love the most.

So, I’m fighting for my passion and the light not to get dashed out by work that is necessary for my basic needs to be met. I’m not crazy, I know I need shelter, food and transportation. So how does those of you that are balancing two companies-one is your passion the other necessity manage? Before I go, I must say I did create this new business myself because I did not want to go back to a 9-5 job. So I was able to choose what I’m doing vs. being told or working for someone else. So I’m very grateful for that! Nothing last forever right?

Do you have any insight on the battle of working your passion versus working to survive?

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One thought on “I Want My Old Life Back!

  1. Longing for that which has escape your full grasp reveals a lot. I am glad you are gently observing your life. To explore how to go forward . Seasons come and go and they come back again. In order to blossom brilliantly when that season returns prune that which needs to go in order to grow strong. Get rid of the blockers that were there in the past now that you are looking back to observe the whole picture. Enter into this season making the most of it to fuel you passion in the season to come. Listen do not just hear and gain to go forward using that which you are doing now for the good of that which is to come. The Hope and active hope is making today to guide you in the next season to blossom abundantly…. Peace Me


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