Your (Delicious) Secret Weapon for Staying Cool

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It’s going to be sweltering this week in the Northeast and other parts of the country, and we have a delicious way for you to stay cool that’s much more fun than hiding in the air conditioning

Turns out the secret to managing the heat is a childhood treat: the slushy. In a 2010 study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise, athletes who drank a slushy (scientific name: “ice slurry”) before a workout were able to run 19% longer than those who drank ice water. Researchers say sipping slushies helped the runners bring down their body temperatures, and that it can be used as a practical way for athletes to stay cool while competing in hot weather.

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Whether you’re planning to exercise outdoors this week or not, firing up your blender with the following recipes is a tasty way to stay cool. Some contain alcohol, which is…

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