Book Club Saturday

This post is about my Saturday with my book club ladies.

Today I had a great time. Once a month I meet with my book club ladies. We are four women who honestly started our book club to read books and talk about them. We started out good but somewhere along the way it became a time we chat and catch up on each other’s life.
We have been meeting since 1997. One original member moved away and we found no one else fit. We all worked together. I left and the three still work for the same company. We enjoy talking about our families and laughing at our personalities and we laugh at how we are growing older together. We have been through the death of a husband and my sister, graduations, birth of grandchildren and other life journeys. We are family.
Today we laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. It is the only connection I have with other women where we accept each other’s faults and all. I am so glad to have their friendship and love. We did talk briefly as we do each month about our book for this month The Girl On The Train. Looovvveed the book!  I recommend it!  
 So book club for me means a lot more than just reading a book it is about just being me and knowing I will hear the truth even if I don’t want to hear it. 
Do you meet with a group of women that mean more than your original purpose? 
#bookclub #friendship #women #reading #laughter #sisterhood
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