Years Are Passing Quickly

“Y” is for Years

  When I turned 50 last year I began to realize life and time was passing faster and I needed to enjoy every moment. When I loss my sister this January I really felt like I was not moving fast enough to ensure I lived my life to the fullest.

Three years of my sisters life was confined to a bed. Life passed her by to where I think she just didn’t worry about life and what was outside her room. I have a hard time with that because my hope is she had moments of joy and laughter even when she couldn’t go outside for fresh air. I really miss her but she leaves me with thoughts of my future.

Years accumulate so fast that when you see children growing up before your eyes, your mom becoming fragile I think where did the time go? It’s sad and there is nothing I can do about it.

So I say again, live your life with joy and happiness and take the big and the small moments with such care because when your time comes to a end those memories will mean so much and capture your life.

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