I Love The Zoo!

“Z” is for the Zoo

  Photo: Groupon.com

First I want to say I will miss this challenge because I have opened more than I ever have with my writing. To be honest, I’m still dreading my vices post but I’m trying not to think about it😊 Anyway I’m glad I completed this challenge because I have failed at many others never completing the task. This was a great experience for me.

Now for my last post of the A to Z Challenge. I love the zoo and this weekend my photo walk group will be visiting our local Austin Zoo. I’m so excited. I love animals and I love to see them close up. This zoo will allow for the animals to be really close and interactive from what I understand so I’m hoping for some great photos. If you follow me I will be sharing them. 

I have visited the San Antonio Zoo since I was in kindergarten. My husband has visited many times since spending the day walking and being in awe of the beautiful animals. I can’t wait for this weekend to enjoy my group, the animals and I will get some exercise. Yay!

What is your favorite zoo? 

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4 thoughts on “I Love The Zoo!

  1. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z Challenge. In answer to your question, Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois bring back many memories of going there with my classmates for school outings.


  2. Passing through on the A-Z Road Trip. Congratulations on finishing and on changing your career to do something you want to be doing. A brave move. Hope it continues to be successful.


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