The X-Ray Of Your Life

“X” is for X-Ray


When you break a bone, a foot or something is causing you pain that can’t be seen by the naked eye, your doctor will send you for an x-ray.

When you lay down on the gurney and you lay real still while a photo is taken that captures the area that hurts, the doctor is able to look deep inside your body and make a diagnosis to help you heal.

The same can be done when looking at your life and where you are headed. Sometimes we need to stop and look deep inside ourselves to reflect on what is hurting us, what is keeping us from moving ahead in life, what makes us happy, and so much more. From our x-ray we can then heal ourselves by following a prescription that will lead us to a healthier person.

An x-ray tells the truth so we have to be truthful with ourselves. For example I know my fears keep me from making decisions that can move me forward in business. Now I have to prescribe a remedy that will move me forward so I can reach certain goals.

What will your x-ray say about your life? Will you prescribe a plan to help you heal and find your happiness?

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4 thoughts on “The X-Ray Of Your Life

  1. Remedy for fear is understanding misplace fear. As you search out your misplace fear redirect to that which is true based on truth and that misplace fear will not keep you paralyzed. May gain in replacing your misplace fear with what ever is true. This will transform you….

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