[New Post] Walking

“W” is for Walking

  Photo: infinityhousemagazine.com

I have not paid attention to my weight in a long time. When I was younger I did plenty of exercise, diets and tried to be skinny. But as I got older I just decided to be okay with my weight and do small things to stay fit.

Walking works for me. I joined a walking group but have not attended for a while. I plan to return. However, I realized I enjoy walking even more when I pair with another activity I enjoy as well. Now I understand sometimes I will just need to walk and I have friends who will walk with me. But when I did the photo walk the other weekend I felt good afterwards and I didn’t even think about the walking.

I will continue walking because the weather is changing and getting out to walk will be nice and help with my health.

What do you do to stay healthy? 

#AtoZChallenge #AprilA2Z #damitaslife #walking #healthyliving #ujimamagazine



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