[New Post] The Love Of Tattoo’s

“T” is for Tattoo’s

Photo: imgarcade.com
Photo: imgarcade.com

I have always been a big fan of Tattoo’s. I admire the artistry and the visual beauty. I prefer the colorful ones because you can see them more. I also like them because of the stories that usually come with a person have one.

I admit my name is Damita and I want a tattoo! But the problem is I’m scared because I don’t like pain. I want a bright color sunflower placed on my left arm above my elbow. I can see it clearly. I’m getting older and worry it may not be a good look because I’ve waited to long.

Photo: Slodive.com
Photo: Slodive.com

I will keep it on my ‘want’ list but if I don’t get it done by my next birthday I will probably just admire everyone else’s.

Do you think there is an age limit to getting a tattoo? Is there something you want but fear keeps you from doing it?

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