[New Post] Always Smile

“S” is for Smile

  Photo: bigthink.com

Have you ever thought about how many times you smile a day? Who you smiled at? What made you smile? I think you would be surprised how much you smile throughout the day.

I learned from a mentor that smiling does not cost anything and it can brighten someone’s day and it makes you feel good as well. I smile at people all day long. When I was a caseworker I went into areas that smiling at people made my job easy. Smiling, speaking and looking the person in the eyes.  I’ve been smiling a long time!

As I reflect on my day today, I smiled all morning at my networking meeting, my sister and I laughed as I drove home (I count that as smiling) , my dogs made me smile and I smiled speaking with a peer over the phone. You get it, I have smiled all day. 

Smiling is good for the soul and it opens the door to a conversation, a question or just an relaxed atmosphere. Try it!   

 Photo: thelivingtruthfellowship.org

Did you smile today? How did it feel? Did it open the door to a conversation? Keep smiling.

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