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[New Post] My First Photo Walk

“P” is for My First Photo Walk

Bike Shed 100_3024I’m late on this post because I was tired after my busy weekend. I had so much fun this Saturday participating in my first photo walk. I joined a meetup called Austin Street Photography/Street Art Lovers. I love meetups because for an introvert like me, I can meet people and share a common activity, and then I can retreat. It’s a great thing.  Another reason this group works for me is because I hate to exercise. But this allows me to get outdoors and walk while taking wonderful photos and I forget that I’m exercising. Yay!!

So, I’m sharing some of my photos from my walk. We walked down a street called South 1st Street in Austin. It is a great street with many coffee shops, food trucks, murals, people and their dogs and nice art deco neighborhoods. This is a sample. I hope you enjoy them.

All photos taken by me Damita

I really want to share more but I will stop here. It was great and I’m looking forward to more walks around Austin and discovering my town all over again. Thanks for walking with me.

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