[New Post] Going Down Memory Lane

“M” is for Memories

  Today I covered a story for my magazine that brought back warm memories of my father and my childhood. When I travel down memory lane it feels good because I don’t do it to often.

I went to a ceremony about an old baseball field here in Austin where Jackie Robinson once played. Over the years it begin to need some repair and now along with the community raising money and the city, Downs Field will be revitalized. It is so exciting. This part of our city has been going through gentrification so having this field revitalized for the community is so awesome.  


The other reason this brings back great memories is because my dad would go to the field on the weekend to watch baseball games and that memory makes me smile and happy inside. I treasure my memories of my father and now my sister. Something as small as my father going to Downs Field to watch baseball is one of my happiest memories of him.

Today was a good memory day and I’m glad I was able to honor my dad by being apart of the revitalization ceremony.


I call it Downs Field because that was what we called it when I was growing up.

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