[New Post] Living A Life Of Kindness

“K” is for Kindness


Photo: theunseenwordsproject.com

 I have always thought of myself as a kind person. I always make sure I’m kind to people which is my nature. Sometime people take my kindness for weakness but I’m far from weak.

I find that being mean and expressing myself in an over zealous way does not work for me. I rather “kill with kindness.” I do get angry (ask my husband) but in general I’m mild mannered and a very guarded person. I became very guarded from being bullied. That’s another story.

The world needs a bit more kindness in my opinion.  I feel much better being kind than living my life being mean and making others feel bad. It just doesn’t work for me.  So the next time you are in a situation that makes you want to be mean and just go off, try being kind in your approach and see what happens. 

Have you shown kindness in a situation when it would have been easier to be nasty?

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