[New Post] Gratitude 

“G” is for Gratitude 


 Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

When life gets me down and I feel overwhelmed I sometimes forget to show gratitude or be grateful for all I have. When you are grateful life gives back to you in so many ways.

My gratitude is for the following short list:

My husband who is always supportive, even when I get on his nerves.

My family, including my pet babies who bring me so much comfort and happiness.

My business. It’s mind to make whatever I want.

Freedom. I feel free everyday to be creative and express myself without barriers. 

Time. I can explore, grow, question, inspire and just be me.   


Photo: Freespiritgirl.com

When I say my prayers I always say what I’m grateful for and ask God to give me the gift to pay my gratitude forward. 

How do you express your gratitude?

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