New Post] My Babies. My Dogs.

“D” is for Dogs


 Growing up I wanted a dog. But I was allergic and my mom did not want to make my symptoms worse. When I became and adult I decided I would put up with the allergies for a dog. My allergies are constant, but I have three beautiful dogs… my babies.

I initially fell in love with Chows and their purple tongue. I have had three. Solomon is still with me. He looks like a beautiful black bear. I then decided to get a dog that would cuddle and be in my lap. So I did some research and Tanner and Mia came into our family. They are Maltese Poodles. My family is complete.

Being a pet parent has made me so happy. Coming home to three faces that only want to give love and receive love makes my life full of sunshine.

#atozchallenge, @AprilA2Z, #damitaslife, #petparent, #loveofdogs

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