[New Post] Art

This is my first post for the A to Z Challenge.  “A” is for Art!

Last year I made a commitment to learn more about art, paint, doodle just enjoy all things art. 2014 was my year of art and I’m continuing my art journey.


I’m a part of several art groups and recently I’m interesting in adding photography to the mix. But the thing about photos, I didn’t grow up taking photos. I believe my first photo was at age five. Oh well. So stopping to take a photo or remembering to take one is the hardest task for me. I feel awkward actually. 


But back to my art, I tell everyone I can’t wait to improve to where my art looks beautiful but I was reminded at my last journal jam session that what I do on paper does not have to be perfect! Yay for me.

I plan to share more of my art as I take this journey of art discovery.


 #atozchallenge, @AprilA2Z, #aforart, #artjourney, #yearofart2015, #damitaslife, #ujimamagazine

Be Creative Everyday



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