[New Post] What is Your Writing Process?

Desk Photo imageedit_2_5698290679I have been thinking about my writing process the last couple of days.  I write a lot for my online magazine and now my blog, which I love both. In looking at my process, I started wondering how do you write? Do you write on paper first then transfer the story to your computer or do you write you write strictly on your computer?

I currently write directly on my computer.  So, help me out, what is your writing process? Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “[New Post] What is Your Writing Process?

  1. I used to put it down on paper first then type on desktop but it became more difficult because I didn’t always have a pad when I needed it. Now, I just think about things in my head until I’ve got to get it out then I sit down to the laptop and let if fly as quickly as my olderly fingers can type now–no where near 65 wpm anymore. The the next day, I re-read and edit as necessary. In the last couple months my writing has be spotty at best…I’m working on a scene to kill off the uncle. 🙂

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  2. I find that my process really depends on what I am writing. When I am writing blog posts, I always just write on a computer. When I’m writing lyrics or fiction, I have to have a paper and pen–and plenty of coffee!

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