[New Post] Where Is My Writing Mojo?

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Today I realized I can’t seem to write anything that is thought provoking or meaningful. This happens to me often. I can go days where I write, share, and engage with others. Then all of a sudden it stops. This is happening today. I’m anxious because I have not posted anything in a couple of days. Being a part of Blogging 201 kept me going. Now I feel like because I’m on my own, I can’t get the writing done.

What do you do when you can’t write? I have ideas but when I sit to formulate them to make sense, my mind gets jumbled with all kinds of other things.

Let me know how you get your writing mojo back and continue to write something?

Thanks All

Be Creative Everyday

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31 thoughts on “[New Post] Where Is My Writing Mojo?

  1. Write for you, not for what others will think of you, and you may have an easier time. Also, some of my most popular posts (In comparison to my other posts) have been on days I felt uninspired but just started babbling onto the screen and then halfway down an idea formed. Then I simply deleted the first half and wrote a beginning to the thought and suddenly I had a post. Don’t make it a chore, and it won’t be. Also, don’t be afraid of bad posts from time to time. You can’t please everyone.


    1. I am beginning to understand that I need to make it fun and not make it a chore (as someone else pointed out) I do need to write from my heart and not from what others may think. I consider myself a “surface” writer but as you said in your latest post sometime you have to change things. I appreciate your input and I will move forward feeling much better than when I wrote my post this morning. 🙂

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  2. Sit down with an old fashioned pen and notebook and start writing, Write whatever comes into mind, even if it is just the same word — give yourself 20 minutes and just write. Don’t edit or worry about spelling or even if the sentences make sense. You can do this exercise on your computer…I just find that it helps me best if I use a notebook and pen.


    1. I really miss writing on paper. I only stop because I didn’t want to write twice when I wanted to share. But I gonna try writing again on paper and see what happens. I use to journal all the time, so maybe I need to look to my journals for inspiration. Thanks again.

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  3. I’m in the same boat recently. Sometimes those words just don’t want to cooperate! Usually I listen to music to get the juices flowing again, or take some quiet time for meditation. Good luck to you! Hopefully inspiration will strike soon. 🙂

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  4. Such a panicky feeling isn’t it? I go through bouts of this, and after about a week of my wheels spinning, I think I’m being to run out of steam. Don’t worry it happens to everyone 🙂

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  5. When a writing course runs out, it can feel like a little withdrawal, where the tips and suggestions run out.  But on that end, there are many blogs with writing prompts.

    When it comes to mojo and flow, well, it’s in you.  Blogging is supposed to be reflective of the life; in other words, fun.  Trying too hard is the only so-called “wrong” thing you can do here.  Criticizing oneself in the middle of writing will distort the writing.  What you love comes first; proofreading comes a far second.  After all, blogging is about what you do.

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  6. I had this same problem, too. That’s when I started to do product reviews to fill in for the times I hit writers block. They seemed to be easier for me than deep thinking posts. What I realized is they were easier for me because I have a passion for trying out new products and being opinionated about them. I’ve always been like this. Product reviews are practically all I do now, and I haven’t hit writer’s block since. I don’t suggest everyone do product reviews, though. My point is that once I found my passion that’s when the blogging flowed more naturally for me.

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    1. You bring up another good point. Write about what I’m passion about. This has been my struggle as well. I don’t know what gets me excited enough to write about. But I love dogs and art so maybe I will venture to write about those two things to get me started. Thanks for the suggestion, my mind has opened up a bit. 🙂

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  7. One thing I’ve heard from many different writers, which I have found to be true, is that sometimes you can’t get to the story you want to write until you get all the other stuff that’s bouncing around your head out. Like OM advised in his reblog of your post, you simply have to write write write. If it seems like crap, keep writing. If it’s making you enraged, emotional, frustrated, hopeless, keep writing. Write when you have no desire to, write when you feel you have nothing to say, write in spite of and in the face of all odds, of all detractors and distractions. Later is the time to go back through, see what is good, see what has potential, see what you need to change or do differently. But now? NOW is the time to just write! 🙂

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  8. Forget about it. Yep, let it go. Sit down with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, I prefer coffee with cocoa in it, kick back, relax and forget about it. Forget about all of it. Think of things when you were a child, if you have children, think of them; think of your parents, high school friends, college friends, your neighbor — ut, ut, good thoughts. Walk away for a day or two. It is not all that ends all. It will come to you. I promise. 🙂

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  9. this is the curse of a writer. Its like a swimmer not having enough sunny days to swim in the out side pool. He goes in side. If you have a day where you have nothing thoughtful to say, don’t worry. Open a word document and rant or be silly. its OK. Give your inside juvenile a day to shine. Or maybe your inner dirty devil. What does this accomplish? a much needed purge on your creativity. If you write once a week for just you, just because, the much needed words of wisdom find a way to seep into your mind. Like you said be creative. Write a secret romance. Be that writer with a treasure trove of unseen work. 🙂 Write! Create! Win! And write me sometime Darling. I enjoy our chats.


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