[New Post] A Dog’s Love: There Is Nothing Like It

Tanner and Me photo(112)If you follow me on social media you know I love dogs. Growing up I could not have a pet due to my allergies. But as an adult, I decided to put up with the sniffles and runny nose and get myself a dog. One dog lead to three.

Right now I have a beautiful black Chow named Solomon, two Maltese Poodles named Tanner and Mia. Tanner is in the photo. If you are a pet parent, you understand the love of a dog(s). They love unconditionally. They make your heart feel good and they don’t talk back.

This month we celebrate love and I could not let the month go by without acknowledging how important my dogs are in my life. My three dogs make me happy and when I feel bad they do something and I start smiling. The photo of Tanner and I is from the other day when I was missing my sister. Tanner just laid next to me and when I cuddled with him he just relaxed as to say “go ahead mama, you can lay on me.”

There is nothing like it…

For all the pet parents, happy love day!

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4 thoughts on “[New Post] A Dog’s Love: There Is Nothing Like It

  1. Hey! I love dogs but I can’t have one due to my family. It’s a shame.
    Love a dog is something beautiful, cause if you really love him, he also loves you xD I know a dog that’s almost like a person, better than many people.


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