[New Post] Motivation Mondays: Love

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Love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day this weekend, there is a lot of images of love in media. You can’t go anywhere without being reminded you need to get your loved one a present. I love my husband of course but we don’t make a big deal. Our favorite thing to do is have a good meal with a great bottle of wine and just spend time together. Our schedules have been hectic so a bit of quiet time together is due.

Love is a broad term for me. I love a lot of things as we all do. So when I saw the motivational word was love I had to think about what I should focus on. I decided to focus on family love. My family and I recently lost a loved one. This loss devastated us and we all feel numb. Each day we console one another, with memories that make us smile and laugh. Our family has turned inward to love one another even more. We say the words “I love you” especially when we leave each others company or hang up the phone. I feel I have to tell them I love them so they will know.

So love is more focused for me as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend time with our husbands, significant others and friends. My family loves me and I love them and I hope you tell someone you love them while they are here with you. It will make such a difference when they are gone. Family quote index

Happy Love Day Everyone!

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