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[New Post] A Simple Pastime Almost Forgotten

snail-mailI don’t know about you, but I do most of my correspondence via the computer and my phone. I’m even writing this post on my phone.  I have conversations with people through email, text and social media. There are very few times I actually sit down and handwrite a story, a note, a letter or give the person a call.

But thank God for my one friend that does not use a computer or social media. She prefers to hand write. We correspond this way several times through out the year. I have to say, I do get excited to get a card from her where we catch up. It always take me too long to respond because I have to  purchase a card, write, get a stamp  and then drive to the mailbox.

People snicker when you mention  mailing something using “snail mail” myself included. But my friend keeps me in touch with how things used to be done when life was slower and people took time to do things special like write a note.

Well I got to write my friend. I brought her this cute card. I’m  gonna work on writing more instead of just jumping to email or text. Vanessa Card photo 1(17)

Writing and snail mail is an awesome pastime.

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6 thoughts on “[New Post] A Simple Pastime Almost Forgotten

  1. Great post!! I love handwritten letters. They are hard to come by. Having a letter in the mail from a friend was such a great feeling. I miss those days!!


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