[New Post] One Word Challenge: Grief

grieving-e1338346383681I am new to this challenge and when I saw it, I thought oh, I can do this, it will be easy. Well, I have spent the past 15 minutes trying to find the word that reflects what is going with me right now. I knew what word that was in my heart, but I did not want to use it. After over thinking about what others may think, I decided not to run from it.

My word is “Grief”. I don’t want to make this post a sad one, but I am sad. I just lost my sister. I am a person that likes to journal, but I could not write about it until now. We buried her last Saturday and I realized I needed to get my feelings out my head and heart space. So this month, I plan to work through my grief and allow myself to feel the pain and cry until I can’t do it any longer. If you have lost anyone in your life, you know that you can be fine one moment and the next you are crying so hard you can’t catch your breath. I will remember my sister with happy thoughts and allow those memories to make me smile.

This has been very good for me today, because I have struggled with this heavy feeling of grief and sadness. My life has been forever changed but I will keep my sister in my heart. She would not want me to stop living and enjoying my life. Grief quote images

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7 thoughts on “[New Post] One Word Challenge: Grief

  1. Damita,
    I am very sorry to hear about your sister. I can only imagine what you are going through and your word choice was very appropriate. They say it gets better with time, but you will never stop grieving for her. Thanks for joining the challenge and I look forward to your post in March.


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