[New Post] Acceptance Of What Has To Be Done

Acceptance 79

There are many entrepreneurs that work a full time job and work their own business on the side until they feel comfortable in living their dream full time.

Six years ago, I took a leap of faith. I quit my job and started my business. I enjoyed the creativity, freedom, and not having someone looking over my shoulder. I could do what I wanted and be in control of my own destination.

Well, I have now had to accept a part-time job to keep my dream alive. At first I felt if I do this I will be a failure. I have changed my business many times to keep it alive and the feeling of failure was a big part of those decisions. But starting a part-time job bothered me more. Why? I’m not sure. Well, that is not true either. I do know it’s that word I dislike “failure.”

There is a bright side to this. I have been able to choose what I wanted to do and choose my hours, so it doesn’t take me away from my passion. The question became do I want to lose my business or save it? I chose to save it and I will do it over and over again. I am learning each day how to make my business more financially viable so that a part-time job will not have to be a choice.

It’s not easy having a business. It can be so emotional at times. I have accepted what I have to do in order to keep going. I need to remove the word failure from my thinking and the person who believes and has a great passion for my business. Acceptance Quote 82cd35ed4bee65a9614cb6f9c2c18880

How have you handled transition and hard decisions regarding maintaining your business? How do you keep from feeling like a failure? I would love to hear from you.

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