[New Post] Decisions, Decisions…

Decision-Making-Strategies-590x400-560x379I did not get to choose events during blogging 101, so I made sure I did for this session. I wanted to share the three I decided I could do based on my time available each day. They are as follows:

Motivation Mondays- I chose this because Mondays are usually when I’m organizing my week and often I need motivation to get me started.

One Word Challenge on Thursdays- I think it will be fun and make me write something new.

Friday Doodle- I love art. I have spent this last year doing art. I have joined several art groups and I want to be a artist of a certain caliber at some point. So doodling will definitely meet my art goals and my blogging goals. 🙂

Looking forward to getting started on Thursday.

#blogging201, #blogging, #creativedecisions, #writing, #learningeveryday, #damitaslife

Be Creative Everyday!


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