Fear! Yes, I said Fear. This word and all the emotions that come with it is causing me some problems this week. I have reached a point with in my business that I need to take a leap of faith to grow my business and my personal life. During my Monday Morning meeting, I got some good advice and tips from my peers on how to move forward.  Some tips/advice I heard was:

1. You have to analyze the situation, but don’t let it kill you or stop the progess

2. Find the root of the fear, what does it stem from and address it

3. Get an accountability partner

4. Just do it, keep moving

These were good to hear.

The root of my fear is change and not knowing. I don’t like to move to much to the left or right of my comfort zone. The next phase of my life will mean I have to move left, right, up and down of my comfort zone and the fear is building up to where I just don’t move. Scary right?  Well, I will work through this because I know if I can start a business without any thought of money and survival, I can make this next leap of faith for growth.

How do you tackle your fear?



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