Blogathon 2014: Monday Morning Networking


I am playing catch on my blog post. Time has gotten the best of me. Yesterday I went to my Monday Morning networking meeting. We had a larger group with new faces. It is always good to meet new people who are entrepreneurs to share stories, ideas and brainstorm on common issues.

The question for our discussion was how do you value your time? As we went around the room, I heard many ways people handle and value their time. I discussed how I am now putting time to my task vs. just having task without a time limit. Time limits can help me stay focus and gain productivity. Most people in the group felt that they like to give their time to people in order to help them. There was one person that made a good point. He stated if someone brings their cell phone to a meeting and talks on it while they are meeting, he will not continue the meeting. He wants to respect the client’s time but the client should respect his time as well. I thought it was a good value of time.

I may have mentioned this before but the reason I enjoy my Monday Morning meetup is because it’s not about exchanging cards and talking about what you do in order to secure business. We talk about topics that help us grow and think in our business and our personal life.

Is there a networking group you attend that is more than exchanging cards? Let me know your experience.

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