Father’s Day

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This will be short tonight. I wish all the father’s a very Happy Father’s Day. I don’t celebrate Father’s day any longer except I quietly remember my dad and all he did for me. I loss my dad in 1993 and it changed my life forever. My daddy was a hard worker, a great provider, but a quiet man. But don’t let his quietness full you, he was smart. I feel like I get my quietness from him. When he did speak, we all listened because what he had to say you knew was well thought out and important.

My daddy, Willie Miller, Jr., taught me to go after what I wanted in life. He taught me that I did not need to depend on others to make things happen, if I wanted it go and get it. I have lived my life with those words. I miss him and if you have a dad that is living, tell him you love him and spend time with him. If you have loss our father, take his memory and remember the good times you shared.

Happy Father’s Day Again to all the wonderful fathers in the world!!!



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