2014 Blogathon: My Week In Review

Week in Review images

I am a day behind in my posting. Yesterday I took a day to rest. I did not get on my computer or Ipad but to only check for any email that needed response. But I had to take a day to do nothing but sleep and relax, My week was busy and non-stop. Do you ever take time to just stop and say I’m not doing anything? I had plan to do some art but that even went out the window. I did my radio show and when I returned home I sat in my recliner and reclined.

We have to take care of ourselves as entrepreneurs because we will work ourselves to death. I’m learning that I can’t get burned out because my business is me. So I try to take my Fridays. But I want to review my week.

I am enjoying the blogathon, it is making me accountable and I need that in my life. This week I shared some art resources along with my personal art. The most important post for the week is the legacy post where I talked about my legacy and what I will leave behind. I watched the Dr. Maya Angelou memorial and it gave me the thoughts to do the post. I shared my mentoring experience as well as my thoughts when moving into a new position.  I hope you have enjoyed my post but again I love this blogathon because I know now that I can be accountable to myself to get work done.

How was your week?





Be Creative Everyday!


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