Damita’s Life Week In Review


@blog2014 Well, I’m very proud to say I have made a week of the 2014 Blogathon. I am having a great time writing or should I say blogging everyday. This week I learned what works, what topics will be weekly and how to hashtag and more.

This week has been about art for the most part. I thought my theme would be my dogs, but they only do so much the rest of the time, they are asleep, so my theme will be something I choose for the week. I have enjoyed sharing my art and resource information. My art is growing and I love creating and finding what I can do with paint, pens and paper.


If you like art, I hope you try Zentangle, because it is relaxing and fun. You never know what you will end up creating. Next week I will share more about Black Out Poetry. It is another unique and fun art medium. I’m looking forward to next week and sharing more topics with you.

#yearofart, #2014blogathon, #zentangle


Always Be Creative!


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