Zentangle~ One Stroke At A Time

20140602-213311-77591844.jpg@Blog2014 -When I decided to make 2014 my year of art, it started because I found out about Zentangle through Instagram. I saw a post and followed the link and I was hooked from there. Zentangle is beautiful art pieces that you don’t have to think about it just happens as you make a stroke on your piece of paper.

If you want to find out more about Zentange, I recommend the the following website http://www.zentangle.com/. This website will give you the history and how to begin drawing your Zentangle Art. I will say it is very relaxing, and I can do it for hours. It allows my mind to be free.

Here are a few of my Zentangle pieces. Please follow me on instagram because I post a lot of my art there. My instragram name is Ujimamagazine1.

#zentangle, #yearofart, #2014blogathon, #art, #relaxation


I would like to know if you tried Zentangle and how you enjoyed it.



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